UK Government "Homes for Ukraine" Process

The UK Government "Homes for Ukraine" scheme offers people fleeing Ukraine safe home and shelter along with considerable support to settle most seamlessly in the UK. The Visa application process takes time (currently 6 - 14 days if done correctly from the start). However, without the knowledge and experience to navigate the process properly, granting of a visa can take >> 5 weeks. Background information via:

The Essential Steps to Take to Get the Best Outcome for You (Based on having an International Passport):

  • Provide your email contact details or email us direct.
  • We will start the process for you with a brief questionnaire about your preferences (location, interests etc plus and any special needs).
  • Based on your input we will link you with potential hosts.
  • You and the potential hosts will communicate directly typically via Skype or a similar platform to see if you have a "match" where both hosts and Ukrainian guests agree to proceed. If no match, then after reviewing & understanding reasons, continue matching communications with other potential hosts until an agreed "match" is found. This process can be supported with the help of a linguist speaking English and Russian/Ukrainian if needed.
  • Once a match is found the online Visa Application Process starts*. The application is led by the Ukrainian Guest applicants but requires significant data input from the sponsoring host that still needs to be input by the applicant not the host. Hence, the real risk of errors without proper guidance.
  • In parallel with the checking of the online application the local council will do a DBS (Criminal Record) check of the hosts and visit the property to ensure its suitability for the Ukrainian guests.
  • Once the Visa is approved (Initially as Permission to Travel) and all checks complete you will then be able to make appropriate travel arrangements, in conjunction with your host, to come and stay as guests in their property.
  • Your Visa will be fully issued on arrival in the UK. Also your Sponsor and the government scheme will initiate all the key support to enable you to settle into life in the UK quickly and effectively.

Note: if you have a Ukraine ID card rather than an International Passportthen as well as the online process you will also need to attend a formal appointment at one of the 5 Visa Application Centres (VACs) - Budapest; Chisinau; Warsaw; Bucharest or Paris. We will provide help and guidance for you to navigate this additional requirement